Sunday, 23 November 2014

Challenge 263 - sparkly/blingy/glittery

Howdy folks - sorry for being so late.  I've not had a good week.... been really poorly :(  Without too many details lets just say I've lost 14lbs in weight and NOT in a good way!

So this week we'd like to see something that's sparkly/blingy/glittery or indeed a combo of all three!

So a little inspiration for you!



Ye gods I thought I'd edited my 'creativity' out!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Challenge 262 - show us a snowman

Howdy peeps - what a miserable wet day, fog, rain, mist, murk..... just yack!

Thanks to our players from last week - the RPT has chosen the winner - its Coops!  Grab yourself the blinkie!

This week our theme - seeing as its so cold - is Show us a Snowman though I hope none of that nasty white stuff is coming!

A little inspiration...

So we'd love to see your snowmen too!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Challenge 261 - Warm colours

Hi there peeps - webbed feet anyone?  We've had so much rain!  My ark is coming on a treat now.  I just need a break in the rain to get her loaded up!  I mean how can I get any craft stuff on board in the rain?!  Give me a break weather purleeease!  Also these webbed fingers aren't the easiest to type with...

Still enough of the weather - thanks to our players from last week, as always lovely creations, thank you for sharing.  The RPT sheltering under a big umbrella while he pulled out a name and he chose is Bunny  Please grab yourself our winners blinkie.

So this week our theme is warm colours - appropriate as its turned bloody cold (in addition to the joy of all that rain!)

As always our Gorjussettes have a bit of inspiration for you - I'd also like to introduce you to our newest Gorjusette Mila

So there you get your warm colours out!  Along with galoshes and brollies.....  Whatever we'd love to see what you make too.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Challenge 260 - Non traditional Christmas colours

Well howdy there from a tropical Totally Gorjuss Towers!  Its been really warm again today which is lovely but heck its November!  So thanks to last weeks players our winner  and blinkie owner is Niki

So this week our challenge is Non Traditional Christmas Colours - so this can be anything to do with the C word.... birthday, Christmas card or whatever.

A little inspiration for the fabulous Gorjussettes;

As always we'd love to see what you make.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Challenge 259 - Congratulations!

Howdy there a quick visit from me as I've been here, there and everywhere and still have places to go!

Last weeks winner as chosen by the RPT is Mary - well done grab the blinkie!

This week we're in a congratulations mood!  So lets see your creations that holler congratulations!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Challenge 258 - show a feather!

Howdy there folks, what a mix of weather!  Torrential rain for 48 hours solid, honestly I was starting to get webbed feet, then it was windy... and today I'm in a T-shirt and short sleeved cardigan.  I have to say I prefer todays outfit over sou'wester and galoshes!

Thanks to our players from last week, some more ideas stolen  inspiration for my Christmas cards ;)

So the winner as chosen by the RPT is Darcy please grab yourself our winners blink Darcy.

So this week we'd like you to show a feather!  So it can be in any way you can from birds to a single feather.

The Gorjussettes have some inspiration to share;

So did those tickle your fancy?  We'd love to see your feathery creations too.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Challenge 257 - Traditional Christmas colours

Well howdy there folks, late again!  In my defence we've just arrived back from holiday and I was super pooped.

Thanks to last weeks players and the winner is Karen please grab yourself the winners badge.

So this week we're thinking Christmas,  I believe there will be one this year.... and its good to get ahead!

So a nice easy start - lets see some traditional christmas colours!

A little inspiration....

Super cute huh?